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Mr. Ye Shiqu won the Contribution Award of Outstanding Talent of Chuzhou Author: Time:2013-10-20 14:37:00

Recently, Chuzhou municipal Party committee declared the result of the first  Chuzhou Contribution Award of Outstanding Talents. Our company leader Mr. Ye Shiqu was among the two who won the award. 

Chuzhou Contribution Award of Talents is an award established by Chuzhou municipal Party committee and Chuzhou municipal government which aiming at awarding talents who have made great contributions in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as Chuzhou’s economic construction and social development. It is graded into Chuzhou Contribution Award of Outstanding Talents and Chuzhou Contribution Award of prominent Talents, with outstanding talents being elected among prominent talents.

Mr. Ye Shiqu’s winning this award indicates government’s acknowledgement of his applying innovative and high technology and advanced managerial experience, optimizing industrial structure, upgrading technical merit, and accelerating company’s development. Under the leadership of Mr. Ye Shiqu, our company has made outstanding contribution on new technology import and innovation, which makes us be in the lead at home.

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