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Good News Author: Time:2014-03-11 15:11:00

The first batch of high-quality ASME SA210A-1 ¢51*3*12280Heat Exchangers , whichwere produced from the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014, have beensuccessfully supplied to CFHI DaLian Hydrogenation Reactor Co.,Ltd. CFHI hasthought highly of our products, with which the outer appearance, compositioncontrol and performance index has reached a high level. This matter also meansthat our Heat Exchanger have been improved to a new level, which can replacepart of imported products.
Before the production, our technicaldepartment has communicated with design institute in many ways; Duringproduction, CFHI expets have followed all the inspection and producing; Everydepartment cooperated with CFHI expets until the successfully complete ofproduction and inspection.
In the future, we will get more orders for thehigh-quality Heat Exchangers.

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